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ACER staff aim to treat everyone with courtesy, respect and integrity and to be sensitive to the diverse needs of all our stakeholders. In turn, we expect everyone contacting ACER to offer our staff the same consideration – as workers and as human beings.

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If any caller to ACER engages in such behaviour, staff will warn them clearly that the conversation may be terminated. If the caller continues that behaviour regardless, the call may be transferred to a recorded message indicating they have breached ACER’s protocols.

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Graduate Medical School Admissions Test

Test day

On the day of your test centre sitting for Humanities and Biological Sciences, you should report to the test centre at the time stated on your Admission Ticket. It is not necessary to arrive before the indicated arrival time. The test itself will start as soon as all pre-testing procedures are completed. If you report to the centre after all test takers have been seated in the testing room, you may not be admitted.

No latecomers will be admitted once test time has commenced.

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Items needed for your test session

  • Your Admission Ticket
  • Acceptable current and photo-bearing identification document.
  • Erasable whiteboard and marker or pens/pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser.

Optional items

  • A clear water bottle (no labels attached)
  • Test takers for whom English is not their first language, a printed bilingual dictionary may be used for some sections
  • Disposable earplugs

Access to food is not permitted during the test. If you are diabetic, pregnant or have another concern that requires access to food (including sweets and nuts) you will need to apply for a reasonable adjustment. 

Test takers will not have access to kitchen facilities or food outlets at test venues. It is recommended you have a good meal in advance, and take a snack to eat in the registration queue. You will not be permitted to eat until the break between Humanities and Biological Sciences. 
Note: As you are not permitted to leave the venue, you are advised to bring something convenient to eat during the break.

Large spaces can be difficult to heat/cool. To avoid being too cold or too hot, it is recommended to wear layers, which will allow you to adjust your own comfort level.

Please be mindful of others and dress appropriately for the day; avoiding clothes and accessories that may be noisy or distracting (heeled shoes, excessive jewellery, etc.).

GAMSAT is a computer-based test, and if you are sitting GAMSAT in a test centre, then all necessary equipment including computers will be provided. You are not permitted to bring your own devices when sitting GAMSAT in a test centre.

Yes; there are morning and afternoon sessions for Humanities and Biological Sciences. Written Communication will be offered by remote proctoring, you can choose your own time based on the availability when booking with ProctorU. Remote proctored sessions are subject to availability; please be sure to book early to avoid disappointment and secure your preferred session time. 

You must arrive at the time stated on your Admission Ticket; there is no need to be any earlier. Test centre registrations will close approximately 30 minutes after the advised arrival time; no test takers will be permitted once the venue staff have begun testing.

If you arrive at the test centre on the wrong day or for the wrong session, you will be asked to leave. You should do so and then contact the GAMSAT office by email. Due to the need to finalise venue numbers in advance, you will only have a seat reserved for the session and date selected by you in the test centre you registered for.

Imagine attending a theatre or concert on a day other than the date you purchased a ticket. You would be turned away, the same applies for GAMSAT.

You may not leave the test centre before the full testing time has elapsed, except in the case of illness. Test takers leaving before the start of Biological Sciences will not receive their GAMSAT scores. Test takers leaving during Biological Sciences due to illness need to provide a medical certificate explaining their situation; this must be provided within three (3) business days of the test session. Once a test taker has departed the test centre it is not possible to re-enter and continue the test.

Bring essential items only

Only bring essential items, as neither the test centre nor the GAMSAT Office can be held responsible for the security of your belongings.

Valuables such as wallets, keys and mobile phones may be placed under your desk during the test centre sittings. Mobile phones must be switched off before entering the test centre and placed in your bag or face up under your desk. They cannot be worn on your body, and you are not permitted to access them during testing time.

There will be limited space to store your bags and you will not be allowed to access your bags until the break.

Timing and order for test sessions

The GAMSAT Humanities and Biological Sciences test sections are made up of 4 hours and 10 minutes of test time.

It is not possible to guarantee start and finish times as unforeseen delays can occur. Care should be taken when making return travel arrangements to allow adequate time at the test centre. You should anticipate being at the test centre for approximately 5.5 hours.


Typical GAMSAT test day

Morning (AM) session Time
Morning Registration commences 8.00 AM
Test takers seated & announcements 9.00 AM
Humanities - Testing commences 9.05 AM
Humanities – Testing ends 10.45 AM
20 minute break starts 10.50 AM
Test takers seated & begin announcements
for Biological Sciences
11:10 AM
Biological Sciences – Testing commences 11.15 AM
Biological Sciences – Testing ends 1.45 PM  
Test takers dismissed 1:50 PM
Afternoon (PM) session Time
Afternoon Registration commences 2:30 PM
Test takers seated & begin announcements
for Humanities
3:30 PM
Humanities - Testing commences 3:35 PM
Humanities - Testing ends 5:15 PM
20 minute break starts 5:20 PM
Test takers seated & begin announcements
for Biological Sciences
5:40 PM
Biological Sciences – Testing commences 5:45 PM
Biological Sciences – Testing ends 8:15 PM
Test takers dismissed 8:20 PM

Note: Times provided are a guide only, all centres, and test days will vary.

doctor with a file

Leaving early

GAMSAT is a high stakes test administered under secure test conditions. You may not leave the test centre until you are formally dismissed, except in the case of illness. If you need to leave before starting Biological Sciences, we cannot provide you with a GAMSAT score. If you leave during Biological Sciences due to illness, it is required that you provide a medical certificate explaining your circumstances; this must be provided within three (3) business days of the test session in order for your results to be processed. Once you have departed the test centre it is not possible to re-enter and continue the test.


There is a short break between Humanities and Biological Sciences where you may leave the test room to eat or use the bathroom. Please note that you are not allowed to leave the venue during this break, as you are still under exam conditions. If you leave the venue, you may not be permitted to re-enter and continue the exam.

Prohibited items

There are certain items that are not allowed on your desk or near you during your test session, these are:

  • mobile phones
  • calculators
  • stopwatches
  • audio or recording devices of any kind, including
    • cameras
    • MP3 players
    • digital, analogue and smart watches, fitbits etc
  • standard English Dictionaries
  • pencil cases, and rulers
  • food
  • bluetooth devices such as headphones
  • dual monitors
  • head coverings (unless it is for religious reasons)

Test Security and Misconduct

The GAMSAT is a high stakes test. Therefore ACER, in conjunction with the graduate-entry medical schools, has established security procedures which will be strictly enforced at all times. It is important that you understand the ramifications for breaches of test security or misconduct.