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Graduate Medical School Admissions Test


The purpose of the GAMSAT is to assess your ability to understand and analyse written and graphically presented material. GAMSAT measures skills and knowledge acquired over a long period of time, as well as the ability to reason, make logical deductions and form judgments.

There is little benefit to be gained from last-minute ‘cramming’. However, for non-science graduates some specific preparation covering relevant basic sciences to first year university level is highly recommended. Some test takers may wish to enrol in a bridging course at a vocational or further education provider to ensure adequate preparation.

Purchase practice material via the registration portal

None. GAMSAT preparation courses are not recommended, authorised by, or in any way associated with, ACER or the graduate-entry schools. They are unregulated. All test takers need to assess for themselves whether any particular preparation course is able to supply objective and reliable evidence that participation is likely to improve your GAMSAT score to justify the often significant cost associated with them, and whether representations they make about themselves are accurate.

If you are not confident in a specific study area such as chemistry, physics or biology, it is recommended you attend a bridging course at an adult, vocational or further learning provider in the subject area you are concerned about.

Read widely and often about a variety of topics, from a variety of sources. Practice critical thinking, and forming opinions and arguments as these skills will serve you well in sitting GAMSAT.

It is not possible to provide test takers with feedback beyond a score, as the practice tasks are scored automatically.

No. All GAMSAT preparation materials are copyright works and protected by copyright law in Australia and outside Australia. As a condition of purchasing any GAMSAT preparation materials you are required to complete a declaration expressly confirming your acceptance of the limited licence granted to you to access and use the specific GAMSAT preparation materials.

On this page

Test format and preparation

The test is completed over two sittings, with a total test time of 5.25 hours.


  • Written Communication - 2 essay responses
  • Humanities and Social Sciences - 62 multiple choice questions
  • Biological and Physical Sciences - 75 multiple choice questions

Online platform demo

The purpose of the Online Platform demo is not to provide you with additional practice questions, but rather to provide everyone sitting GAMSAT an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the computer delivery platform which will be used in all test centres. We encourage you to try the demo out so that you understand the functionality, and know what to expect when you undertake your GAMSAT sitting.

The questions used in the demo are from the ‘Practice Questions’ publication. You can access the demo through your account: Login> manage> bottom of the page on the right.

None of the questions/essays that appear in the demo will be marked, and there is no limit on how many times you can access the demo.

Test taking strategies

Test-taking strategy for Humanities and Biological Sciences

Questions in Humanities and Biological Sciences of GAMSAT are in multiple choice format. Work steadily through the test. It is not advisable to spend too much time on any one question.

If you think you know the answer to a question, mark it, even if you are not certain. Go on to the next question and come back later if you have time. No marks are deducted for a wrong answer. All questions have the same value, therefore by attempting as many questions as possible you stand the best chance of maximising your score.

Test-taking strategy for Written Communication

Good preparation for the Written Communication component is to attempt some of the sample essay prompts provided in the E–books or via the Online Written Communication Practice Tests. You should try to complete the essays in one hour under simulated ‘test conditions’. If you are not using the marking system provided as part of the Online Written Communication Practice Tests, it is often helpful to ask someone else

to read the essays and to suggest improvements or alternative approaches to the prompts. (Note that it is not necessary to agree with the prompts).

It can also be useful to put the essays aside for several days then re-read them to look for ways to make improvements. Don’t be concerned about the expected length of the essays. Within reason, the quality of the writing is much more important than the length.

Test takers only have 30 minutes to plan and write each essay, and the markers do not have unrealistic expectations of what can be produced in that time.

The following questions will be considered by the examiners when they assess your essays:

  • What kinds of ideas have you developed in response to the prompt?
  • To what extent and how well have you explored the ideas and issues in the prompt?
  • Have you developed a structured and organised piece of writing?
  • Have you written clearly and fluently?
  • Is the language you used precise and appropriate for the topic?

Spelling and punctuation

Spelling and punctuation errors will not impact your scores. All Written Communication responses will undergo plagiarism checks as part of the marking process, so make sure your work is your work and not someone else’s.

Preparation material

ACER produces the only official GAMSAT preparation materials. There are currently two types of preparation materials available: e-booklets and online interactive practice tests for all sections.

In order to purchase any preparation materials you will need to create an account with ACER. This is not a registration for GAMSAT, you do not need to register to sit GAMSAT in order to purchase materials. Any preparation materials you purchase will be accessible via your online account as soon as your payment is successfully received.

Copyright and limitations of practice material


Five booklets of sample and practice questions, and practice tests are available in PDF format.

The three practice tests are each equivalent to the paper-based format of GAMSAT,  and each will take approximately 5.5 hours to complete under exam conditions. Answers are given for all questions.

Sample questions and practice questions are shorter publications which contain the same balance of question types found in a full test. Answers are given for all questions and suggested worked solutions are provided for some.


The purpose of these GAMSAT videos is to: 

  • demystify GAMSAT and provide a deeper understanding of the way in which GAMSAT questions are constructed and what to look for when sitting the test;
  • provide you with professionally and academically based information and preparation materials to properly assist you with preparation for the GAMSAT; and
  • based on the above, to provide you with confidence in your preparation for the GAMSAT.

ACER developed these videos after observing some doubtful claims made by GAMSAT commercial preparation courses, YouTubers and others regarding the soundness, reliability and ability to assist you in respect of their materials. 

GAMSAT preparation videos


Interactive materials

Online Practice Tests - Humanities & Social Sciences, and Biological & Physical Sciences

The Online Practice Tests for Humanities & Social Sciences, and Biological & Physical Sciences are displayed within a replica of the Test Application. They are designed to mimic the actual test and can be used to simulate live testing conditions.

  Number of Questions Time in minutes
Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences Section 62 100 minutes
Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences Section 75 150 minutes

Online Test Generator - Written Communication

The Online Test Generator allows you to submit two responses of writing addressing two specific tasks you have chosen. We have supplied 16 task themes in total; 8 for Task A and 8 for Task B from GAMSAT September 2020.

You can choose up to 64 combinations of the test in preparation for your GAMSAT sitting. The submitted responses of writing are then automatically scored and a percentile band and a score range is provided on completion of both tasks.

You can choose to practice with either a timed or untimed practice test, both will be submitted for automated scoring.

Online Test Generator purchasing details

There is no limit on the number of times you can purchase and undertake a set of tasks within the Online Test Generator.

The untimed version allows you to complete the test over a period of time and submit when you choose.

If you are looking to hone your writing skills and experiment with your writing style, an untimed version would be your best option.

You can use the copy and paste function within this version.

This practice test is delivered in a similar format to the actual test sitting of Written Communication which will allow you to familiarise yourself with the system. However the timed version of the test will only simulate the version a test taker will see if they sit via remote proctoring. Test center sittings do not display a timer, timing will be announced on the testing day by a testing supervisor.

The timed version of the test will have a timer located up in the right hand corner of the screen and you will have 65 minutes to complete both tasks starting from the time you open and commence the test. This means if you have not completed both tasks in 65 minutes, what you have typed/completed will be submitted for scoring. You cannot use the copy and paste function within this version.

The timed version simulates GAMSAT testing conditions, so is a useful for understanding your timing and expected output on the test day.