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Thanks for treating our staff with respect

ACER staff aim to treat everyone with courtesy, respect and integrity and to be sensitive to the diverse needs of all our stakeholders. In turn, we expect everyone contacting ACER to offer our staff the same consideration – as workers and as human beings.

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We will do our best to help you in every case, but our staff will not tolerate any rude or aggressive behaviour, including:

  • verbal abuse
  • rude or otherwise vulgar expressions or gestures
  • threatening or offensive behaviour
  • threats of physical violence or self-harm.

If any caller to ACER engages in such behaviour, staff will warn them clearly that the conversation may be terminated. If the caller continues that behaviour regardless, the call may be transferred to a recorded message indicating they have breached ACER’s protocols.

ACER will respond firmly to any similar emails or social media messages, and we will notify police if anyone visiting ACER offices displays the same behaviour.

Complaints and appeals

If you have a serious complaint or wish to make an appeal in relation to your test sitting or results, please read the ACER Complaint and Appeals policy.

Any complaints relating to test sittings should be reported immediately to your proctor at the time of your test session, and in writing to the GAMSAT Office immediately after your test session so that the issues can be resolved within the testing window.

Please note: It is not possible to schedule tests outside of the allocated test window. All technical and or delivery issues arising during remote testing must be addressed immediately and resolved during the allocated test window.

Test takers are advised that GAMSAT results are released only after careful calculation and extensive checking. For this reason remarks for any component of the test are not offered.

Complaints and appeals policy