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ACER staff aim to treat everyone with courtesy, respect and integrity and to be sensitive to the diverse needs of all our stakeholders. In turn, we expect everyone contacting ACER to offer our staff the same consideration – as workers and as human beings.

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We will do our best to help you in every case, but our staff will not tolerate any rude or aggressive behaviour, including:

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If any caller to ACER engages in such behaviour, staff will warn them clearly that the conversation may be terminated. If the caller continues that behaviour regardless, the call may be transferred to a recorded message indicating they have breached ACER’s protocols.

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Graduate Medical School Admissions Test


GAMSAT is a computer-based test, delivered via a combination of remote proctoring and in-person supervised test venues.

ACER registration portal

  • Register for GAMSAT
  • Create and manage your ACER account
  • Purchase practice material
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Test dates

March 2024

Registrations open

December 2023

Late registrations close

Thursday 1 February 2024
(9pm AEDT, 10am GMT)

September 2024

Registrations open

May 2024

Standard registrations close

Thursday 4 July 2024
(10pm AEST, 1pm BST)

How to register for GAMSAT

  1. Create an ACER account
  2. Register to sit GAMSAT via your ACER account
  3. Complete payment online

Payments and refunds

The registration fee for GAMSAT is

  • Australia: AUD$549
  • Ireland: €365
  • UK: £286

Payment is made to ACER at the time of registration, online via credit card (Mastercard, VISA).

Refund policy 

person with wheelchair


If you decide not to sit the GAMSAT sitting you have registered for, you may defer your registration to either the following March or September test sitting of GAMSAT.

If you defer your registration you will continue to have access to your GAMSAT preparation materials for 12 months from the date the original GAMSAT registration was completed.

If you have deferred your sitting, you can only apply for a refund up to the refund request deadline for the original registration. In accordance with the refund terms above, except as otherwise permitted at law (where law is not capable of being excluded) if you have deferred your GAMSAT sitting, you cannot then apply for a refund after the refund request deadline. All people registered to sit GAMSAT will have a place reserved for them in a particular sitting of GAMSAT. The test fee submitted covers the cost of administering the test including the following test arrangements:

  • Securing your seat at the test venue (pre-booked and allocated at the time of your registration).
  • Test set up (allocating your test login and preparation of test materials required by the test venue).
  • Test supervision (pre-booked based on the number of test takers registered for each test centre at the close of the registration period).

These costs are unfortunately not refundable to ACER and are required to be paid irrespective of how many test takers attend. Therefore, a refund is not applicable as a refund may only be given where there is a defect with the service provided, not where you change your mind due to personal circumstances.

Test centres

The Humanities and Biological Sciences components of GAMSAT will be delivered in test centres in Australia, Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, and Singapore.

March 2024 September 2024
Adelaide Adelaide
Albury Ballarat
Alice Springs Brisbane
Ballarat Bundoora (VIC)
Bendigo Burwood (VIC)
Brisbane Canberra
Bundoora (VIC) Darwin
Burwood (VIC) Dubbo
Canberra Geelong
Churchill (Traralgon) Hobart
Darwin Melbourne (CBD)
Dubbo Newcastle
Geelong Perth
Gold Coast Sunshine Coast
Hobart St Albans (VIC)
Launceston Sydney
Sunshine Coast  
St Albans (VIC)  
March 2024 September 2024
Cork Cork
Dublin Dublin
Limerick Limerick
Sligo Sligo
March 2024 September 2024
Derry/Londonderry Birmingham
Bristol Cardiff
Leeds Derry/Londonderry
Liverpool Edinburgh
London Liverpool
March 2024 September 2024
Auckland NZ Auckland NZ
Christchurch NZ Singapore*
Singapore* Rest of World
Rest of World

 *An additional overseas test levy of AUD$205 applies to sit GAMSAT in Singapore.

Not all venues will operate on every day of the test window; some venues will have limited session availability. Test takers applying for Reasonable Adjustments may be rellocated to a venue, date, or session other than what they registered for in order to accommodate the requested supports.

If you require a specific session or date, it is advisable to check the registration system regularly via your ACER account, as seats may become available as other people make changes.

Yes, you can change your test centre location, date, or session from the available options online through your account up until the close of standard registrations without charge. Any changes made after this time, until the close of late registrations will incur an additional fee of Australia: AUD$110, Ireland: €80, UK: £69. All changes are subject to availability and once registrations close, we are no longer able to make any changes.

If there is more than one venue in the selected city, you will be automatically allocated to one of the venues, you will not be able to select this yourself.

There is no wait-list for test centres.

Remote proctoring

Remote proctoring is a secure form of remote test delivery, outside of a test centre sitting.

There are two categories of remote proctoring; they are:
1. Written Communication - all test takers.
2. Test takers who are located more than 3 hours’ from a test centre or in a country where no test centre is offered.

The Written Communication section of GAMSAT will be delivered via remote proctoring for all test takers. Please review the technical requirements prior to registering.

These remote proctored sittings will be conducted approximately three (3) weeks before the Humanities and Biological Sciences test centre sittings.

Remote proctoring information 

What if I’m not near a test centre?

Remote proctoring for Humanities and Biological Sciences is also available if you are located more than three (3)
hours’ drive from a test centre, or if you are located in a country where no GAMSAT test centre is provided.

For information, please review the GAMSAT Remote Proctoring Application Guidelines.

Admission Ticket

The Admission Ticket is only required for Humanities and Biological Sciences test centre sittings. The Admission Ticket will show your test centre address, date, and reporting time. This is your permission to attend the test centre and you should make sure you have a  copy with you on the test day.

Admission Tickets are not required, and will not be provided, for remote proctored sittings.

Admission Tickets will be available approximately two (2) weeks before the Humanities and Biological Sciences test window. Notification will be sent to your registered email address when the Admission Ticket is available to access via your online account. 

  • Check your admission ticket when you receive it

    Please check your Admission Ticket carefully and contact the GAMSAT Office immediately if there are any errors. The details on your Admission Ticket must match the details on the identification document that you will use on the test day. Only your first and last names are required to match on your ticket.

  • Print your ticket and bring it on the test day

    Admission Tickets may be printed in black and white; you do not need to bring a colour printout.

  • Do not write on your admission ticket

    Do not write anything on your Admission Ticket at any time before or during the test; it is not to be used as additional scratch paper.

  • Contact the GAMSAT office if you have any problems

    If you have issues accessing your Admission Ticket, please contact the GAMSAT Office no later than one week before the test date.

Admission Tickets are released approximately two (2) weeks before the Humanities and Biological Sciences test window. It is not possible
to receive it earlier. You will be notified via email when admission tickets have been released. 

Once released, your Admission Ticket can be accessed via your ACER account. You can view it by clicking 'manage' and then 'view Admission Ticket'. 

Identification documents

If your identification document details have not been entered into your registration, you will not be able to access your Admission Ticket, until you have done so.

Please print your Admission Ticket and bring it with you on the test day.

Admission Tickets may be printed in black and white; you do not need to bring a colour printout.

Reasonable adjustments

If you have a disability or other health-related or educational need which might interfere with your ability to sit the test in the standard manner, you should apply for reasonable adjustments as soon as possible after you complete your registration.

This includes if you require:

  • access to food
  • medication
  • medical equipment or other devices during testing time.

If you are unsure, we recommend you submit an application. All requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis and all reasonable efforts will be made to provide you with support and appropriate testing conditions for your needs.

List of Common Reasonable Adjustments

This list is non-exhaustive. Other adjustments can also be requested.  

Reasonable Adjustments
Presentation - Change in presentation format of test

Larger fonts or print format (test centre sitting only)

Written list of instructions

Response - Modification in the way a Test taker completes a test

Scribe (test centre sitting only)

Reader (test centre sitting only)

Setting - Allowance for a Test taker to undertake a test with permitted aides

Use of Irlen Spectral Filters

Use of colour overlay

Permission to have blood glucose testing kit and insulin.

Permission to have medication

Permission to have food/drink

Permission to stand and stretch

Timing and scheduling - Adjustments to when and how long a Test taker has to complete a test

Extended time to complete a test

Rest breaks

Application deadlines

You must submit your request before the deadline for your test window: 

March 2024 September 2024

Monday 22 January 2024

(9pm AEDT¶, 10am GMT†)

Thursday 4 July 2024

(10pm AEST‡, 1pm BST#)

If you require reasonable adjustments due to a condition that occurred after the submission deadline, please contact the GAMSAT Office, including your supporting documentation. For conditions that occur close to the test window, we may be limited in what supports can be provided. In such cases you may be advised to defer your registration, so that the appropriate support can be provided to you.

Note: Requests for session changes due to general session/venue availability will not be reviewed as a reasonable adjustment.

Yes, you need to submit an application each time you sit GAMSAT. Arrangements will only be valid for the test cycle and year the application was submitted. If your registration is deferred, your adjustments will not carry over. You will need to submit a new application, and all supporting documentation by the advertised deadline.