Deferral terms

Test takers that decide they do not wish to sit the test in September 2023 may defer their registration to either the March 2024 or September 2024 sitting of GAMSAT. A list of available test centres for the following March and September sittings will be provided. Please note that you may defer the test date for the GAMSAT test sitting once only. No changes to the test sitting can be made once the deferral request has been submitted. To defer your registration, you must log in to their account and select the ‘Manage’ option and then 'Apply for deferral' option on your registration. Deferral requests must be completed no later than Friday 21 July 2023 at 1pm British Summer Time (BST) OR 10pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

Only on rare occasions, where there are extenuating circumstances, a late deferral may be granted. This will be at ACER's discretion. Test takers who wish to apply for a late deferral due to extenuating circumstances should contact the GAMSAT Office no later than the test date. All deferrals will incur an administration fee of $70 (including GST) in Australia, €45 in Ireland or £45 in the UK. Deferred test takers will continue to have access to the preparation materials included in the GAMSAT registration for 12 months from the date the registration was completed.

In accordance with the Refund Terms, except as otherwise permitted at law (where law is not capable of being excluded) test takerss who have deferred participation in the GAMSAT cannot then apply for a refund after the refund request deadline as registered test takers for GAMSAT have a place reserved for them in a particular siting of GAMSAT. Therefore, a refund is not applicable as a refund may only be given where there is a defect with the service provided, not where you change your mind due to personal circumstances.