Timing of the Test

The GAMSAT test day is made up of five and a half (5.5) hours of testing time, 25 minutes of reading time, and one hour of recess time. In addition, pre-testing procedures will take some time to complete. Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee start and finish times. Candidates must report to their test centre at the time designated on their Admission Ticket, this will normally be at 8.15am local time. The test itself will start as soon as all pre-testing procedures are completed. Candidates should anticipate being at the test centre for at least nine hours.

The table below shows the structure of GAMSAT by section and time.

Section Number of questions Reading time in minutes Writing time in minutes
Section I, Reasoning in Humanities
Section II, Written Communication
Section III, Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences

There is no break between Section I and II. Candidates may not leave their desk or access their personal belongings at this time.

There is a lunch break of one hour between Section II and Section III. Please note: there may not be canteen facilities at the test centres. All candidates are advised to bring their own packed lunch.

Candidates may use the bathroom during testing time, but this will not be permitted during reading time and in the last ten minutes of each section. No additional time will be granted for bathroom breaks.

Candidates may not leave the test centre before the full testing time has elapsed, except in the case of illness. Candidates leaving before the start of Section III will not receive their GAMSAT scores. Candidates leaving during Section III due to illness are expected to provide a medical certificate explaining their need to leave the test centre. This must be provided no later than seven days after the test day; failure to do so may result in scores being withheld.

Once a candidate has departed the test centre it is not possible to re-enter and continue the test.