Preparation strategy

There are three sections to the test: Reasoning in Humanities & Social Sciences; Written Communication; and Reasoning in Biological & Physical Sciences. Most candidates are concerned with the third section because it assumes a certain level of knowledge (equivalent to first year university level chemistry and biology, and A-level/Leaving Certificate/Year 12 physics).

GAMSAT Preparation Sections I & II:
The best way to prepare for Sections I & II is to read widely (periodicals, novels, poems, etc.). Candidates should think about and understand what they are reading and look for the implied meaning in what they read. Candidates should practice to form opinions and judgements that they can then apply to create interesting pieces of writing for Section II.

GAMSAT Preparation Section III:
Candidates prepare for Section III of GAMSAT in a number of different ways, for example:

  • working through the GAMSAT preparation materials published by ACER. The Sample Questions and Practice Questions contain the same balance of question types found in a full test. Practice Test and Practice Test 2 are equivalent to a full test. No questions are repeated across booklets.
  • obtaining copies of first year university chemistry and biology texts and A-Level/Leaving Certificate/Year 12 school physics texts.

ACER does not provide a reading list.