Admission to programs in the UK

The process of applying for admission to the graduate-entry programs is separate from the process of registering to sit GAMSAT.

To apply in 2023 for a course commencing in 2024 ONLY the following results can be used: March 2022, September 2022, March 2023 and September 2023.

If you wish to apply for any programs listed below you must apply through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

*Exeter (Medicine) A100 institution code: EXETR E84
*Keele A100 institution code: KEELE K12
Liverpool A100 institution code: LVRPL L41
Nottingham A101 institution code: NOTTM N84

Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine & Dentistry A100, A206

institution code: PLYM P60
St Andrew’s / Dundee A101 institution code: STA S36
St George's A101 institution code: SGEO S49
Sunderland A100 institution code: SUND S84
Swansea A101 institution code: SWAN S93
Ulster A101 institution code: U20
Worcestor A101 institution code: W80

* Applicants to these programs should refer to the universities’ information pages regarding eligibility.


To apply in 2023 for a course commencing in 2024 ONLY the following results can be used: March 2022, September 2022, March 2023 and September 2023.
By 15 October 2023: Submit UCAS application form 
Late November 2023: GAMSAT results released
December 2022 - April 2024: Interviews for admission
March - June 2024: Offers made to successful applicants
August - September 2024: Programs begin

University of Liverpool  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Medicine and Surgery MBChB A101 for graduate entry medicine was withdrawn for 2022 entry. The A100 programme will continue to accept applications from graduates, including dentists who wish to pursue a career in maxillofacial surgery. For applicants interested in applying specifically to a graduate entry medicine programme you will find a list of courses for graduates listed in ‘Entry Requirements for UK medical Schools’

UK University Applications (2024 Entry Only)

In order for your results to be forwarded to the institutions of your choice, you must indicate on any of your current registrations (March 2022, September 2022, March 2023 and/or September 2023) that you are an applicant to a UK program. You must complete this step by midnight AEDT 31 October 2023 by logging into your account and ensuring that ‘UK’ has been ticked in the course application section of your registration/s.

You must also provide your UCAS Personal ID number (UCAS PID) and indicate to which institutions/courses you are applying to (candidates will be contacted by the GAMSAT office in mid-October when this form becomes available through their account). Changes to your selections can be made at any time until midnight AEDT 31 October 2023 via your account. Your results will then be forwarded to the universities for inclusion in your application.

If you do not indicate you are a UK applicant, provide your UCAS PID and course selection information by midnight AEDT 31 October 2023, or if you provide incorrect information, this may affect the delivery of your GAMSAT results.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the test takers’ responsibility to ensure they are vigilant about which GAMSAT sitting they register for by keeping themselves informed via their GAMSAT account and the GAMSAT website as to any changes to those sittings and taking prompt and appropriate action to ensure their expectations concerning the University admission deadlines are met. ACER will not be responsible for test takers failing to take the appropriate action to keep themselves informed which results in them being unable to have their expectations in respect of university admissions met.