Admission to programs in Australia

The process of applying for admission to the graduate-entry programs is separate from the process of registering to sit GAMSAT.

To apply in 2020 for a course commencing in 2021 ONLY the following GAMSAT results can be used: September 2018, March 2019, September 2019, March 2020.

GEMSAS will process applications for admission to graduate-entry medicine at the GAMSAT Consortium Medical Schools and for the University of Melbourne Dentistry and Optometry programs. The University of Sydney will process applications for medicine, dentistry and pharmacy at the University of Sydney. Flinders University will process applications for medicine at Flinders University. The University of Western Australia will process applications for dentistry and podiatric medicine at the University of Western Australia.

Applicants should consult the GEMSAS website and the schools’ websites for the relevant admissions cycle deadlines. GAMSAT candidates are responsible for determining their eligibility to apply for admission to the graduate-entry programs. 

More specific information can be obtained by contacting the schools directly and GEMSAS at