COVID-19 (Coronavirus) advice

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GAMSAT 2022 update

GAMSAT sittings in 2022 will be delivered as a digital test, at multiple venues in GAMSAT test centre locations during the testing windows listed on our Register page. All candidates intending to sit GAMSAT in 2022 must read and adhere to the GAMSAT TEST CENTRE COVID-19 POLICY.

Due to the continued uncertainty around public gatherings and social distancing measures in 2022, ACER will continue to randomly allocate candidates to testing venues and sessions at their selected test centre location. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please be advised that the availability of seats at a particular testing venue at that location may be limited. You are advised to register early and ensure you have availability across the advertised GAMSAT testing window. Please note that you will only be able to select your preferred test centre location if seats are still available, if a location is not listed it means it has reached the venue capacity.

Candidates should be aware that, if changes to government restrictions for COVID-19 mean:

  • ACER can no longer provide you with a test centre to sit at your allocated test location, ACER will contact all affected candidates by email with further instructions; and
  • Should you choose not to, or cannot, undertake a sitting of GAMSAT at a test centre that can remain open and host the GAMSAT under the relevant restrictions, in those circumstances ACER is under no obligation to provide alternative arrangements for you to undertake the GAMSAT.

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Last reviewed 4 November 2021