Frequently asked questions about GAMSAT Online testing during the COVID-19 pandemic

Q: Can I sit GAMSAT when I have started/completed a Master/PhD degree?
Please contact your preferred schools about their entry requirements. If you are eligible to apply for a course that requires GAMSAT, you are eligible to sit GAMSAT.

Q: Can international students sit GAMSAT?
Please contact your preferred schools about their entry requirements. If you are required to provide a GAMSAT score to apply for a course, you are eligible to sit GAMSAT.

Q: When is GAMSAT held?
GAMSAT is held twice a year, in March and September. Please see the links for current dates for the March sitting and September sitting. Not all test centres are offered for each sitting. For details please see the list of test centres.

Q: Is GAMSAT offered online?
  No, you need to sit GAMSAT at one of the GAMSAT test centres.

Q: Where can I sit GAMSAT?
A:  Please see the current list of test centres for each sitting.

Q: How many times can I sit GAMSAT?
There is no restriction to the number of times you can sit GAMSAT, provided the eligibility requirements are met each time.

Q: Are there any concessions/discounts available for GAMSAT?
No, there are no concessions/discounts for GAMSAT.

Q: I have created an online account, but I don’t see an option to register for GAMSAT?
The option to register for GAMSAT will only appear in your account if registrations for the respective test are open. Please check the March sitting and September sitting registration times.

Q: How do I register to sit GAMSAT at an overseas test centre?
A: Select the test that you wish to register for in your online account and then select your preferred test centre in the registration form.

Q: Are places at a particular test centre still available?
If you are able to select a test centre from the drop down list in your registration form, places are still available. Once the test centre has reached capacity, the option will disappear from the preferred test centre list in the registration form. Your test centre preference is only confirmed when the registration and payment are successfully submitted. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address.

Q: I can’t remember my username and/or password for my online account. What can I do?
Your username is the email address that you used to set up your online account. If you do not remember your password, you can request to reset it.

Q: How can I change my test centre/address/other details?
You can update your registration details in your online account by clicking on ‘manage’ next to your registration, then ‘edit’ next to ‘registration details’. You can change your preferred test centre until late registrations close, subject to availability. If you need to change your name, date of birth or gender, please email the GAMSAT Office.

Q: I have registered for the test but I can’t find the test centre address or arrival time?
The exact test centre address and arrival time will only be released to registered candidates on their Admission Ticket two weeks prior to the test. You will receive an email notification when your Admission Ticket is available in your online account.

Q: I have missed the registration deadline. Do places become available at a later stage?
If you have missed the standard registration deadline, late registrations will be accepted for a short period of time on payment of a late fee. Once the late registration deadline has passed, no further registrations can be accepted under any circumstances. Please see the respective registration dates for the March sitting and September sitting.

Q: How can I prepare for GAMSAT?
You can find some preparation tips on the website.

Q: Do you offer any preparation materials?
ACER produces the only official GAMSAT preparation materials and they can be purchased online.

Q: How can I access the GAMSAT preparation materials I have purchased?
A: Any preparation materials you purchase will be accessible in your online account as soon as your payment is successfully received.

Q: Can you recommend any preparation courses or text books for GAMSAT?
Please note neither ACER nor the graduate-entry schools recommend or endorse any particular texts or preparation courses. Nor do they support any commercially available preparation courses or have any association with commercial courses.

Q: I registered for GAMSAT, but I am unable to attend. What can I do?
If you are unable to attend or you have changed your mind, you can request a refund of your registration fee or defer your registration. An administration charge will apply for these services unless otherwise required by law. Refund and deferral requests need to be submitted by the given deadlines, please see the refund terms or deferral terms for details.

Q: What GAMSAT score do I need to be admitted to a graduate-entry program?
The universities will set their own cut-off scores from year to year. These are the minimum scores acceptable for consideration for entry to the graduate-entry programmes. The schools may also choose to use the scores in other ways. Please see the universities’ websites for further information.

Q: Which results can I use to apply to graduate-entry programs in Australia, Ireland and the UK?
GAMSAT results obtained from different sittings are directly comparable and can be used when applying to certain universities in Australia, Ireland and the UK. See the currency of results to learn which results can be used when applying to universities in Australia, Ireland and the UK.

Q: If I have more than one valid GAMSAT result, can I choose which one I use?
If you have more than one valid GAMSAT result, you may use whichever you prefer in applying for admission to courses.